Meet Becky and Jay

In 1996 Becky and Jay started their journey as business owners in the humble
village of Western, Nebraska, population 250.

Becky, a bookkeeper and Jay, a seasoned farmer saw an opportunity to bring a
sustainable and eco-friendly product to the landscaping industry and
residential homes in the form of recycled glass rocks.

Becky and Jay travel all over the country to source the highest quality
glass that eventually becomes the final product. They have
become known as the only reputable source for high quality
recycled glass.

Through their hard work and dedication they have seen their product
showcased at Universities, town squares, weddings and even on the production
set of major Hollywood films!

After 27 years, Becky and Jay still own and operate their business out
of their home, only hiring part time help as needed.

Even after all these years of owning a successful business, when you call, Jay will be on the other end, ready to take your order!

About Us

Recycled Rocks! is the #1 online source for recycled glass products.

Our products are ideal for any design project, and they are a great way for you to go green by using an eco friendly design accent. Our products have been used for:

  • Aggregate Mix Aquariums
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Home Décor
  • Landscaping
  • Terrazzo Flooring
  • TV/Film Set Designs
  • Weddings

We are the largest independent retailer of glass boulders, glass rocks and glass gravel in the United States. Our company was founded in 1996 as The Glass Rocks Company in Western, Nebraska. Our new online store launched in 2008 under our new moniker, Recycled Rocks! This site is our upgraded version of our previous online store, We are the premier internet retailer and wholesale distributor of recycled glass rocks because of our dedication to providing the best value and the highest quality product available.

We supply our eco friendly glass products to landscaping contractors, architects, interior designers, set designers, film producers, as well as individual home users. Our products are featured in landscapes, homes, businesses and movie sets across the country.

Replace your drab fireplace décor with beautifully radiant Fire Glass! Fireplace glass, also known as Fire Pit Glass, is growing in popularity among designers as ceramic logs and lava rocks become a thing of the past. Adding Fire Glass to your indoor and outdoor décor will give your entertaining areas new life and a modern look. Flames dance and flicker on luminous jewel-like glass, turning your fire pit or fireplace into a unique piece of art.

We have over 40 colors so if you don't see the color you need from our color chart, give us an email or call at the 800 number listed above or my cell at 402-429-4488. We do everything we can to satisfy our customers.

Note: coverage is calculated at 7 lbs per square foot at 1" deep